Best Electrical Upgrades For Home Remodeling


You probably haven’t thought about your electrical system much over the years, but it’s been working behind the scenes for a long time. Planning to remodel leaves you excited about the new spa tub or built-in entertainment system you’re going to get but have you thought about the electrical upgrades you may need?

This is the perfect time to consider some remodeling electrical upgrades. For one, you may just have to have them for your new spa tub, and two, electrical upgrades make your home safer and more comfortable. That’s what remodeling is all about anyway, so look at what our local Connecticut electricians can do!

More Outlets & Switches

How many extension cords and portable outlets with surge protection do you use? Extension cords should never be linked together, only one per outlet socket. Installing more outlets and switches is a great remodeling idea. Plus, it’s much safer.

Panel Upgrades & Surge Protection

Your remodeling project could mean pulling a lot more power than your electrical service panel can handle. In fact, the service line itself may also need an upgrade with the panel upgrade. Additionally, whole home surge protection can be installed to support every electronic device in your home. How easy is that?

Wiring Replacement

Outdated wiring isn’t safe, especially if you are going to add more to the electrical system in terms of outlets, lighting, or for any other purpose during remodeling. Make sure to have any old knob & tube wiring or aluminum wiring replaced first.

Remote Control Lighting & Ceiling Fans

Installing a remote-control light or ceiling fan switch is a quick and easy electrical remodeling upgrade. Now you don’t have to get up when you want to adjust the ceiling fan breeze or lights.

GFCI Outlets

GFI or GFCI outlets are important for safety in rooms near plumbing lines or water storage systems. When remodeling, ask your electrician to upgrade to GFI outlets.

More Outdoor Lighting

Porch lights, pool lights, and landscape lighting make your home look beautiful after dark. With the right outdoor lighting upgrades installed during the remodeling process, you can add safety, security, and beauty to your home.