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27 Oct

What to Do During an Electrical Outage

What to Do During an Electrical Outage A power outage is one of those things that are inevitable regardless of where you live. Despite this fact, it is never fun when the power goes because it means spending time in the dark, not being able to watch TV, wondering if food will go bad, no […]

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04 Sep

Top 5 Signs You Should Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

An electrical panel is a metal box installed in your home, typically on the wall. It receives the main electric supply from the electrical company and then distributes it to the smaller circuits within your house through circuit breakers. Circuit breakers are now widely used to protect your power system and prevent overheating, rather than […]

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01 Jul

Tips For Hiring An Electrician or Electrical Contractor

When hiring an electrician or electrical contractor you want to make sure that you make the right choice. Your entire project depends on the experience and expertise of this person or their team, and any mistake in hiring will significantly impact the outcome of the project. That is why is it is extremely important to […]

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21 May

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

As it approaches summertime here in Connecticut amongst the COVID-19 pandemic, and many of us are exploring ways that we can optimize our outdoor living spaces. One key element that brings a warm ambience to a space in which we enjoy meals and spend time together, is lighting. Just like indoor lighting, outdoor lighting offers […]

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21 May

The Best Light bulb for Throughout Your Home

Lighting in a room isn’t just a décor aspect, it can affect everything from your eyesight to your body’s internal schedule! With there being so many options for light bulbs – how do you choose which ones to use? To enhance your home’s lighting, you need to first consider each room’s function. 1. What function […]

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